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About FCI Digital:


FCI Digital is a boutique digital printing and prepress company, dedicated to those customers who want the highest quality printing and binding for short run book and catalog production.


Many customers are not aware of the huge differences in digital printing technology various companies offer – and how often this technology changes. What was true just last year may not be reality today.

Our mission is to stay on top of this technology to bring you the most cost-effective printing solutions without sacrificing quality. For us, that means print quality indistinguishable from traditional offset.



While some printers boast of having the cheapest price, it’s often impossible to reach a live human when you have questions. What will it cost if the job isn’t printed right? At FCI Digital, what we deliver is excellence. And we firmly believe our professional service and technical support provide our customers the highest value.  If you want a hassle-free printing experience, you’ve arrived at the right place.


One of the important steps in making sure your job prints correctly is for you to know the correct dimensions of the cover – including the correct spine width based on the paper you’ve selected to print your job. Click the button above to generate a PDF with all the dimensions displayed so you can design and layout your cover to fit properly on your book.